The Studley Caliper

This is a short story about the Studley Caliper.  No, this isn’t a caliper for “men regarded as virile and sexually active”, it is a small caliper contained in the elaborate tool chest that belonged to H.O. Studley.  Christopher Schwarz blogged about this in “My Favorite Tool from the H.O. Studley Tool Chest“.

First, the tool in-situ, look just to the right of the middle hinge.  Kind of a tool-addict’s “Where’s Waldo”.  The tool in question has bowed legs and a fan shaped top.

Here is the little devil:

  For whatever reason, this caught my eye.  Generally this leads to problems.

A normal person would have thought “interesting” and moved on with their life.  Hell, a normal person would have probably not given it a second thought.  Instead I decided I had to recreate it.  I imported a photograph into my CAD software, SolidWorks, and scaled the image so that the part was the correct size.  Then using straight lines, arcs and splines I traced around the part and created my own digital version.

Finally, I created a CNC program to cut out and engrave the parts.  The original tool appears to have been stamped out of steel and nickel plated.  I made these from brass, starting with .125″ thick material I machined the finished parts to a .100″ thickness.  I added small embellishment on the legs and outfitted them with a brass thumbscrew and sex bolt from McMaster-Carr.  After machining I hand sanded the face to remove the milling marks.

These came out nicely.  Of course I couldn’t just make one or two, so I made a double dozen.  A few have been given away as gifts, but I have plenty left.  If you have to have one and don’t want to make it yourself I can help you out with that problem.  If you have to have one, and have to make it yourself I can’t help you, I’m struggling with that one myself.

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4 thoughts on “The Studley Caliper

  1. James

    Is there any chance you might have one of these to sell to me?
    I really appreciate yor craftsmanship.


  2. James

    Thanks for the link. The show in Iowa looks pretty cool, but I doubt I will be able to make it there. It you ever have one to sell, please don’t hesitate to email me:) Hope you have a great day.

  3. Very cool! Have you considered posting the CAD file somewhere?

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