The Instant Toolbox

This is a quick update on the “I Can Do It” Gent’s Tool Chest that I covered in an earlier post.

I decided to add the faux raised panel.  Honestly that was the most fun of the whole project.  I didn’t even stop and take pictures of the process.  I took one of these cheesy 1-by pine boards and sawed out a slightly oversize piece for the panel.  I planed one side so it was flat, trued one edge, flipped it over and took it down to 1/2″ with a scrub plane, then flattened it with a #6.  Wow, it went fast and came out pretty nice.  I shot one end square, trimmed and shot it to length and planed the last long side to width.  Then I beveled the edges with a low angle block plane.  I did the ends first in case going across the grain caused any blow outs (it did, but not bad) then did the long edges.

I glued it to the lid of the box and sanded everything with 220.  Honestly I should have left the raised panel unsanded.  Sanding immediately rounded over the nice crisp edges I had from planing the bevels even though I used a light touch and a sanding block.

I stained the inside of the box and lid, and painted one coat of red latex on the outside.  When that has dried I’ll put a coat of black over the red and then selectively sand through the black to expose the red and the pine to give it some character.

Paint really helped the appearance.

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