More Hand Planing

I spent some time this morning working on the the edge of the second beam that will go into my bench top.  I had to work the opposite face (against the bench in this picture) enough so it would sit flat and not rock first.  You can’t have both the board and the bench wiggling at the same time.

I checked this face with my straight edge, and worked the high spot that I found in the middle down with a scrub plane, then worked the entire face.  Looking back I should have spent more time in on the high spots with the scrub plane, but it was getting hard to read the surface.

I’ve done most of the rest with my #6.  I’m checking it with the straight edge, marking it to indicate the high spots, planning them down and checking again.  I’m about 1/16″ high in this middle area still.  If you look closely you can see my pencil marks.  You can also see that there is still rough texture at both ends.

I continued on like this, and before I came inside for a break I have the whole surface flat except for about 3″ at one end that is 1/32 low.  After I get my breath back I should be able to finish it off.  I fully expect to have to do some fine tuning when I fit the two edges together for the glue up.  And yes, I’m going to glue it up while the rest of the faces are in the rough.

I should end up with a 5.5″ thick top, although it’s going to be narrower than I wanted – maybe 17.5″.  Sir Schwarz warns that 18″ wide is marginal as it gets tippy.  I’ll either add the third beam into the top which will put me around 24″-25″, or I’ll make a trestle base to stabilize it.  I already have a tippy bench.

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