Stanley #5 Restore – It’s a Wrap

The paint came.  Tape went on.  Paint went on.  Tape came off.  Parts went on.

I like it.  And it’s a far cry from the rusty mess I started with.  Restoring an old tool like this is really gratifying.  I haven’t made any cuts with it yet, the paint isn’t cured, and the finish on the handles isn’t completely dry.

And yes, I went with the original handles, stained and varnished.

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4 thoughts on “Stanley #5 Restore – It’s a Wrap

  1. Wow! This is so cool! What a nice job you did with this. You have a bead blast cabinet?? Wow, I’ve only seen those in industrial applications. I’m envious of folks who really know how to do this kind of work.

    • Thanks Marilyn, it was a really fun and satisfying project.

      I have a lot of metal working junk, it’s been a lifelong problem 🙂

      BTW, I added your blog to my blogroll — I’ve really been enjoying following your posts.

      • Great, thanks and ditto. I added you as well to my reader and I’ll add to my blog. Your site is fascinating and had laughing as well (not at you, of course, with you). 🙂 I just bought a mitre box w/ saw that’s going to need some clean up, etc. Can I ask for advice?

      • Of course — and if you’re clever you’ll ignore it 🙂

        I should be getting the saw back from Mark at Bad Axe next week. I ended up having it changed to a cross-cut pattern on Mark’s advise (8ppi being a bit too fine for a hardwood ripper, but great for crosscutting). He’s setting me up with coarser tooth ripper. I’ve apparently developed a bit of a saw suspiration to go with my hand plane habit.

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