Woodworking With My Son, Part 2

Earlier I blogged about making a toolbox for my son for Christmas and loading it up with some basic tools.  Today the two of us made another project together, using just his tools.

I have to tell you about this book we picked up, it’s a great project book for kids in my opinion.  It has “launchers” and “shooters” and all kinds of interesting toys to make.  The instructions are clear and straightforward.  I like it a lot.  It’s available on Amazon, although I discovered it at Woodcraft.

Our first project out of the book was the “tissue launcher” that is on the cover.

Kolya cut out the parts using his new coping saw, and he did a really nice job with it.

Then he used his block plane to smooth all the edges.  He really liked planing, and did a great job on that too.  Even on the end grain, he had it smooth as silk.  The plane I one I picked up on the cheep, and lapped in the base and sides, flattened the back of the blade and gave it a razor edge.  It worked well on the Pine boards we were using for this project.

He used his eggbeater drill to bore the holes (note to self: brad point bits don’t work well in that drill, they catch too easily and it’s hard to turn).  The project went together really quickly, and he couldn’t wait to try it (not even to paint it).  Truth be told, I was eager to see it work too.  It will shoot a rolled up wad of tissue 15 or 20 feet easily.

All in all, a fast, fun project.  I’m looking forward to doing the next one!

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One thought on “Woodworking With My Son, Part 2

  1. It is something of a thrill to see such a joint project (forgive the pun) between father and son. It is very confirming that you have a common bond over something which can be so fulfilling to a teen later on in life.

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