Don’t be a square…

Christopher Schwarz posted a couple of pictures of a rare (as in “the only one known”) Harvey Peace square hole saw in a recent blog.  The saw really caught my attention as I’ve never seen anything like it.  It’s not that I have a tool problem or anything.  Really.  And no, I don’t think the fact that Mark at Bad Axe Tool Works is on my speed dial list means anything.

But check this saw out.  It’s so wrong that it’s right.  Look at the tooth pattern on the front of the saw compared to the sideways portion.

I googled for information about it, and ended up emailing Joshua Clark at Hyperkitten about it as he collects Harvey Peace saws.  Turns out HE owns this saw now.  Small world.  Here is what he said about it:

The square hole saw that Chris featured on his page was made by Harvey Peace though Disston did have a similar design. It must have been an old idea since neither seemed to patent it. The saw was designed to cut square holes in walls, etc without having to drill holes at the corners as you might with a compass saw. Here is a picture of the Peace saw from an old catalog I have:

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2 thoughts on “Don’t be a square…

  1. Edward McCaffrey

    I am interested in knowing the value of the square hole saw, pictured above, would you know ?


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