And So, It Begins

I suspect that the sweaty hours I spent getting the edges trued up in order to glue up my workbench top are going to be something I look back fondly on as simple and relaxing.

I pulled the clamps off the bench top and laid it on my wobbly pseudo-bench.  And I started in with a scrub plane to level the top.  Well, probably the bottom of the top in point of fact.

I checked it with a straightedge, and it’s reasonably coplanar.  For weathered, rough sawn, glue-splattered wood that is.  A few knots were sticking up, so I knocked them down with the toothed blade in my Lie-Nielsen low angle jack.  Then I started traversing with my scrub plane.  As long as I don’t run into a knot with it, this goes really fast.

And I have to say, I don’t think chunky shavings get enough love.

I expect I’ll be at this for a while.  Still, I need to start looking for some 6″ x 6″ stock for the legs.


– Joe

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2 thoughts on “And So, It Begins

  1. Lookin’ good from here. As soon as I finish my tool cabinet (by next weekend), I’ll be full on the base of my bench (top is done). I some big ol’ wood that I’ll be workin’ into legs next week. Can’t wait to see how yours turns out.

    • Thanks — I’m happy with it so far. I used the scrub plane to take the worst of the surface off, then switched to my toothed jack plane. That is really working well. It takes off a lot of material without leaving a big “scoop” like the scrub plane, and tames the knots. After a couple of passes with that I have it fairly flat, probably ready to go on to the #8. My arms get sore just thinking about that plane…

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