Road Trip!

My son and I ran over to Southern Lumber in San Jose this morning to pick up some material for the legs and stretchers.  I probably could have gotten this at the lumber yard in town, but they have a nice selection of hardwood and I like to browse.

First things first, we picked out two 8′ 6″ x 6″s to make the legs, and a few shorter pieces of 3″ x 6″ for the stretchers.  All doug fir.  They are green, so I’ll need to rough cut them and let the air dry a bit before I do the joinery.

It won’t take much work with the plane to clean those up!

Kolya and I browsed through the wood for a while.  They had some nice, clear pine in 1″, 5/4 and 8/4, but it seemed pretty expensive.  Perfect for building a toolchest, not so good for my budget.  Southern Lumber is known for the selection, not low prices I guess.  We looked at all sorts of tropical exotics, Kolya was really surprised at the weight of the ebony planks.  I was shocked at the price (about $100/bf).  In the next aisle they had some 4″ x 6″ balsa boards.  I had him try to lift one of those.

I also got some quality time with my saws and have the bench top sized up, I’ll post some pictures tomorrow.

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