Wet Legs

The 6″ x 6″ doug fir that I picked up for my workbench legs is green and fairly damp still.  I don’t have a moisture meter, but it feels damp which is certainly too wet to cut the tenons on the ends.  I rough cut four legs.  Three of them I cut 2″ oversize, the last one I cut only 1″ oversize.  Why?  Beats me, it certainly wasn’t on purpose.

This was a good chance to get some practice in with my restored, resharpened D8.  I marked out the line all the way around and sawed in from all sides following my lines.  The cuts were OK, and I didn’t obsess about it because I’ll be trimming them in a few weeks when they stop dripping.

I took a hint from the book The Joiner and The Cabinet Maker on sawing these.  I put my apprentice to work:

Background noise courtesy of the milling machine.

I got all of the legs cut down and while I’m waiting for them to dry I’ll practice cutting the tenons on the offcuts.  Meanwhile, I have more planing to do on the benchtop.


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One thought on “Wet Legs

  1. Way to go! I need one of those shop apprentice! LOL! Looks like you’re havin fun.

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