Rarest Woods

John Economaki is the head guy at Bridge City Tool Works.  I check out his blog from time to time, and recently he announced a contest to identify the Rarest Wood in the World.  The idea being to come up with a creative entry, John’s “Mirror Maple” pretty much tells the story.

I’m a sucker for these kinds of contests where the goal is to do something creative and the barrier to entry is low.  Things like “Make Something from a Two-By-Four” get me every time.  I generally don’t enter, between work and family obligations I have little enough time to play in the shop and I seem to have a plethora of projects vying for my time already.  But still, I enjoy thinking through possible entries.  The entries need to have a stand built to John’s specifications, common and latin names and short description.

My first thought was something like “Detroit Ironwood” featuring a small, rusty car part.

Corrodious Ferum, extremely hard and dense, flourishes in urban climates with significant snowfall and salted streets.

Then I thought about “Western Yellow Beech” with a vial of sand and a few tiny shells.

Avalonius Funicellous, Weather resistant and popular for decorating outdoor events, often found with marine inclusions

Still thinking.  Generally my friends know to run when that happens.  What are your thoughts?


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2 thoughts on “Rarest Woods

  1. I’m not having trouble commenting. Wonder what’s up.

    Got your message on my blog and wasn’t sure how to contact you.

    But wow! What a generous offer! I’d love to do that. Let me know what I can pay for it. Couldn’t find any contact info on your site. If you could email me directly at muthrie@gmail.com, that’d be wonderful!

    Thanks again!

    • In case anyone is wondering, we connected.

      Marilyn is sending me her miter box, which has a few cracks that I’ll weld up for her and then ship back. I’ll plan to take some pictures of the process and post them here when I do it.

      Marilyn's Miter Box


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