Making a Plane Adjusting Hammer, Part 2

My son and I took a break from doing his homework (who gives homework over spring break, I ask you?) and adjourned to the shop.  I wanted to make a handle for the brass head I made the other day.  Kolya wanted to make one too, but I made him read me his English assignment first.  Two birds, one stone.

I’ve never made a hammer handle before, I’m sure the next one will be better.  Basically I traced the hole in the head onto the end grain.  This is a scrap of 6/4 Cherry I had.

Then I sketched out the rough profile I wanted on the side, and cut it out with a coping saw.

 I had a spokeshave that I picked up years ago in my power tool days (and had never used).  I sharpened the blade and used it to shape the handle  I used a fine tooth rasp to sneak up on the fit of the handle into the head, and to blend the flats left from the spokeshave.  Then I used a scraper to smooth it out and a quick once over with 220.

I attached the head with a wedge (and yes, managed to split the wood slightly, damn it).  A quick coat of stain and oil and I’m done.  I’ll probably work more finish into the handle over the next few days, but it’s functional now.  It was a fun project.

After my son finished reading his English chapter to me he wanted to make a handle too.  He used a piece of Easter Red Cedar that he picked out of the scrap bin at the lumberyard the last time we were there.  He did it all himself with minimal coaching from yours truly.  He took this picture too, choosing the angle to avoid showing the bit of handle that sticks out above the head.  It was fun to hang out in the shop with him, and he even convinced me to take him to WIA in Pasadena in the fall.  We’re registered, see you there!

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2 thoughts on “Making a Plane Adjusting Hammer, Part 2

  1. Can’t wait to meet the both of you in person! Great hammers, btw.

  2. Not what I expected for a hammer handle. I was anticipating a more traditional look. I like this better than what I thought you going to make.

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