No Wood Weekend

I had to do some welding today, so I haven’t been able to make progress on my saw chest.  Hopefully after I do homework with my son I can sneak in an hour or two for some woodwork.

Luckily it was cooler today, it was in the 90s yesterday.  Welding on a 90+ degree day is my favorite thing not to do.  I put on my ear buds and cranked up my favorite playlist and went to work.  I have these tanks cast in aluminum, in halves.  I TIG weld them with 1/8″ 4043 rod using a 1/8″ lanthanated electrode at 190 amps AC.  I have a newer inverter style Miller welder, my old transformer based 300ABP had to run flat out at 300 amps to do the exact same weld.

I do two passes, a root pass in a beveled joint, then a cover pass.  I go for penetration on the first pass and a nice flow out on the second pass.  The part gets quite hot along the way.  And I had Ray Wylie Hubbard cranked up.

I welded up a bunch of headlight mounts while the tanks were cooling down, then I had to grind the weld and make it disappear.  50 grit to flatten the weld bead, then A300, A160 and A65 3M Trizact Gatorback to get it to this point.

The rest of the tank is then worked up to the same point, and sent off to the chrome shop.  This is what the finished product looks like.

Now I need to get back to my saw chest.  I’m constantly shuffling my planes, saws and chisels from the welding bench to the wobbly cabinet bench to make room.  Once the chest is done at least the saws will have a home and stay clean.

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2 thoughts on “No Wood Weekend

  1. Hi Joe,
    Does how you work meta interfer with what you do in woodworking? They seem to be on opposite ends of the spectrum from where I’m sitting.

    • Well, metalworking interferes in probably two ways. First, that I have a really limited amount of shop time so when I have to do this kind of production work it keeps me from working on my own projects. The other bit is the mess from polishing and grinding I blogged about recently.

      The flip side is that I enjoy both (even though my metalwork is just production work at the moment), and I can imagine a lot of interesting projects that make use of both. I’ve been playing with an idea for a chair with a hammered aluminum insert in the seat. And I am working on an update of the CAD model for the miter plane. I decided to leave it flat across the top, and add an adjustable throat and blade adjuster. I might actually make a couple of those.

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