Blue Ox Pt. 2

A few more pictures from May Day at Blue Ox Mill.  This is an interesting place, besides being a working mill that produces decorative trim it’s also an alternate high school where the kids learn blacksmithing, wood turning, printing and other crafts.  What a phenomenally cool idea.

The whole place is part museum and part working shop.  They have a bunch of old human powered woodworking machines.  This table saw scares me, I suspect it’s pre-OSHA…but it’s cool as heck.

Is there a SawStop retrofit for these?

I like the pedal-powered lathe.  I think this idea still has merit, you could burn calories while turning out parts.  It could be a great crossover business for Nordic Track.  There are three pedals, and the seat can be adjusted from side-to-side so you can work on longer parts.  The big cast iron wheel looks like it would probably have a nice flywheel effect.

Nordic Track Wood Turning?

Hand Tenoner. It cuts a healthy shaving off one face to form one tenon cheek. It’s look like it could be made into a Nautilus-style exercise machine.

This 20 foot long two man crosscut saw is called the “Misery Whip”.  The placard said it would cut through a tree in 35 strokes.  I wonder why it’s called that?

The “Misery Whip”

There was a group of Blue Ox students working in the turning shop making pens and bottle stoppers  for sale.  We bought the Tulip wood pen this guy is working on.  I think it’s great that there are alternatives for kid these days.  They still had shop class at the public high school when I was a kid, but I was at the military school instead.  This got me thinking, I wonder if I could do a hand tool woodworking class at my son’s school?

Pen Truning

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One thought on “Blue Ox Pt. 2

  1. Maybe this will provide some clues to the Misery Whip –

    A poorly filed saw deserves the name I have often heard attributed to it… “misery whip.” He’s the link that includes the some saw filing information.

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