Saw Chest

I took a couple of days off work so I could have some free time in the shop.  Turns out it’s blisteringly hot this week.  It’s usually pretty temperate here in the Santa Cruz mountains, and even in the depths of summer it still is cool in the morning and evening.  This weeK  Not so much.  It 100 degrees outside, and HUMID.  Like midwest-style humid.

If you’re not familiar with that kind of weather (and thank your lucky stars!) let me calibrate it for you.  I’m on my 3rd t-shirt after maybe 3 hours in the shop total.  (TMI?  Sorry…)

I made some simple “keepers” for the saw chest I started a million years ago.  They aren’t fancy or even particularly nicely done, but now I can put my saws safely away.  I expect with a lid and a coat of paint this will look OK.  By the way, “keepers” is a fancy word for “scraps with slots”.

I’m torn between doing a proper top using frame and panel construction, or just a slab of pine.  I expect a lot will depend on the temperature tomorrow.

Saws in the Saw Chest

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2 thoughts on “Saw Chest

  1. Go for the frame and panel, you already have a million years in, so what is a few more?

  2. Nice! Nice!

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