iWould (be at WIA by now if my plane was on time)

So I’m sitting in the San Jose airport with my son, waiting on our flight to Los Angeles for WIA.  Which I just heard is delayed an hour.  Seriously?  It’s only an hour flight.  Between traffic getting here, long term parking, waiting for the shuttle, waiting for the seat assignments, waiting for TSA and now waiting another hour for a delay I’m wondering if I should have just driven there instead.  GRRRR!

But I’ve put the time to good use futzing around on my iPhone.  Futzing is the proper technical teerm, I work in high tech, I know.  Trust me.

First, I used the podcast app to subscribe to a few woodworking podcasts.  A couple that I watched were, well, not so hot.  My favorite so far was a Wood Whisperer episode with William Ng talking about his joinery class.  THAT looks like fun, I need to start saving my pennies so I can go to that.


Then I took a look at the iBooks app.  Guess what is available in the iBooks library for free?  The William Fairham book on Joinery.  (anyone see a trend yet?)  I have a reprint of this book.  It has some decent information, and the price is certainly right.

Freebie on iBooks!

But the real kicker was when I searched in the iTunesU app for woodworking courses.  There are four short videos on how to layout and cut (by hand) four common joints.  These are really nicely done, and again free for the downloading.  I picked up a cool tip in the first one I watched – the Mortise and Tenon video.  Yes, I know it’s the last one in the series, I guess that says something about my approach to the subject matter.

Here is the tip: when using a pin-type mortise gauge to mark out the sides of the mortise (or tenon), first press the pins into the wood at the end of the mortise or the baseline of the tenon.  Then when you drag the pins to mark the layout they will stop in the indents you created and your won’t overshoot the layout.

Joinery Classes on iTunesU!

I have time to watch the other 2 videos before we board.  And time to watch a short movie, and perhaps write a novel before we board.  Not good.



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