Kid in the Shop

Last weekend Kolya and I did some woodworking.  He had an idea to make a “wrist blade”, which I believe is something inspired by the “Assassin’s Creed” video game.

Generally, left to his own devices, playing video games would be his default activity.  I asked him not to play any video games last weekend (long story) and he decided to spend his time making something in the shop.  I’m so totally stoked.  I worked with him for a while, then he kept going on his own for probably another 2 hours.  He messed up a couple of parts, and had some successes.  Generally, I count that as a pretty good day in the shop.

Wooden Knife and Sheath

He made a knife out of a scrap of Purplehart. I especially like how he grooved the handle, it feels good in the hand.  The sheath is Redwood.  We hand planed the faces, used a gouge to carve a recess in one side and then glued it together.  The shaping of the outside was done with just a block plane – he wanted to hit it on the belt sander, but I wanted him to leave it like this.  I put a coat of oil on it for him, and it’s slowly drying.

The knife fits the sheath really nicely, it slides in without any resistance, then the last inch is goes over a small hump and locks in place.  That was sort of fortuitous, but we’ll take it.

Purpleheart Knife with Redwood Sheath by my son

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One thought on “Kid in the Shop

  1. I called my son Tom to see this as he also plays Assassin’s Creed. His verdict before scuttling back to the Xbox: ‘cool’ and ‘awesome’.

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