Is it straight yet?

I started back in on my Rouboish workbench today. Two legs are square on four sides, and I’m bushed. I must be doing something wrong because I never see Schwarz or Underhill sweating, at least not planing.

The process is pretty straightforward, albeit exhausting. As with the bench top, the work with the #8 plane is the worst of it. Maybe I’ll try a lighter plane and see how that changes things. If I ask nicely maybe Kolya will let me try his LN 5 1/2…

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2 thoughts on “Is it straight yet?

  1. Have you seen this video?? I think you have a companion in sweating.

  2. HA! I’d forgotten about that, I did see it in the last Highland Woodworking email. His video makes it pretty clear how much work planing can be. I haven’t tried my scrub plane on Walnut, but that would have been my first choice on that board to remove most of that 1/2″ of twist. with the narrow, cambered iron and the light body it peels wood off in a hurry.

    I need to get in better physical shape I think. Or get power tools.

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