Sharpening Station

Just because I have so much free time in the shop I thought I needed another project.

Actually, I have like 6 different things I want to make right now.  At least six.  I made a list earlier:

  1. Workbench
  2. Sharpening Station
  3. Tool Chest (full size like the ATC)
  4. Small tool chest, like the one in the new “Grandpa’s Workshop” book – for my nephew
  5. Pepper mill (generally I’m not a huge fan of this kind of project – buy our existing pepper grinder stinks)
  6. Pair of saw benches
  7. Winding sticks
  8. Krenov-ish hanging cabinet in Claro Walnut

The workbench is the main thing, and I expect to make some decent progress on it over the next week as I have a few days off work.  But I need a place to set up my new waterstones, and maybe my bench grinder too.  Here is a first draft in Sketchup.  I think it needs to be a git longer if the bench grinder is going to share the space, and it needs a few accoutrement.  A small tool rack to hold a file, screwdrivers, sharpening figs and so forth.  A paper towel dispenser would be nice too.  I think I’ll have to mockup all of my sharpening paraphernalia to get a better handle on the size.

I modeled this using 4 x 4 dimensional lumber from the home center for the base, and come joined 2-by dimensional lumber for the top.

EDIT: if you want the Sketchup file you can download it from here: Sketchup Model

Sharpening Station Mock-Up (“Wow I made that really fast!”)

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5 thoughts on “Sharpening Station

  1. Looks good! I found that I needed plastic to protect the top from water. What I really need is to go pick up a big piece of granite tile. That would provide flat and protect from water.

  2. Eric Bushèe

    Let me add a little more work for you. If you have a dry bench grinder, you may want to separate it from your stones (if you have the space). They tend to make a mess of grit everywhere, and the last place you want to transfer that grit is to your fine polishing stone. The sharpening station looks nice, although when I build one I’ll need at least a few drawers to keep all the sharpening stuff I’ve seemed to acquire. A dedicated station is big on my list, though. The more convenient you make sharpening, the more you’ll do it.


    • Agreed. I’m not sure how to deal with the dry grinder – other than keeping it somewhere else. A tormek would be handy, but too spendy for me at the moment.

      Drawers are a good idea.

      What I need to do is lay out all of my sharpening junk and see how I can design the bench to accommodate it. I probably want some sort of tool rack for screwdrivers (to disassemble planes), scraper burnisher, file (for knocking the corners off blades), etc.

  3. Miles Thompson

    Suggestion for item #7 – Winding sticks.

    Get a piece of laminate flooring. rip off the edges, then rip out two identical pieces. End forend ’em on the saw table – if they match up, they’re parallel.

    Laminate is stable, and the back is usually some neutral “blech” colour – so between front and back you have the necessary contrast.

    At least these will serve until you can make “proper” winding sticks. 🙂

    Cheers – Miles

    • Good suggestion, I hadn’t thought of that!

      I have a functional pair of winding sticks already. Very dimensionally stable, they are 1″ square aluminum bar stock 🙂

      I picked up a piece of Mahogany for them, and I think I have some pearl inlay material left over from a cigar box guitar I made last year. Shoot, that reminds me…I have another cigar box guitar that I wanted to make too.

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