Sharpening Station – Sketckup Model Done (ish)

I spent some time playing with Sketchup tonight.  Most of my time went int o figuring out scenes, layers and animation.  Honestly, that seemed really quirky.  In the end I was able to create copies of parts and place them on different layers, they I could adjust colors, add dimensions and so forth on each scene.

First, the overview of the project.  Green marble remnant for the top.  I added a single drawer to hold my stones, jigs and so forth.

Sharpening Station

The drawer is designed with through dovetails and an applied front because it needs to be wider than the body of the drawer to cover the metal slides that will attach to the top supports.  It’s still a work in progress.

Exploded View of Drawer

An exploded view, without the drawer or top.  All of the wood is big-box store green 4×4 or 4×6 doug fir timbers – because it’s cheap.  The materials for this, including the granite scrap, should come in at about $100 total.

Exploded View

The top supports and the feet are slightly different lengths — by 1.5″ — because of the bullnose on the piece of granite I got.  The feet are the same as the width of the granite remnant, 26″, while the top supports are the same as the underside of the remnant without the bullnose, 24.4″.  To keep the feet centered under the granite top I had to set the mortises for the front legs back the same amount as the width of the bullnose, so they aren’t symmetrically spaced on the foot (but are on the top support)

Foot Dimensions

I’m not completely satisfied with the placement of the top stretchers, which fit into the half-lap dovetail pockets on the top supports.  If I made the top stretchers thinner and narrower they could move out toward the ends without interference from the leg mortises or the end details.  I’ll probably have to eyeball this in the shop to decide the best approach.

Top Dimensions

Top Stretcher Dimensions

Leg Dimensions

Now I just need to get back out in the shop and finish making it.  I have a tough time getting out there after work – it’s a pretty long day here after getting my son off to school, driving an hour-plus each way to work, and putting in a long day at the office.  I need another vacation already!

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2 thoughts on “Sharpening Station – Sketckup Model Done (ish)

  1. That’s going to be nice. How will you attach the granite top to the base?

  2. I’ve never installed granite countertops, but from what I’ve read they are usually “glued” in place with either silicon or liquid nails. The bullnose will rest against the top supports in front. Ideally, I’d like to have a few dowels to “pin” it in place. Honestly though, the granite is heavy enough (maybe 80 pounds?) that in use it won’t move anyway even without glue or pins.

    At least that’s my guess, I’ll know more when I get it assembled. Generally I only have a rough idea where I’m headed and end up problem solving along the way. The sketchup model helped me anticipate and resolve some problems – which is why it’s useful for me.

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