Sharpening Station – First Foot

Don’t worry, I’m not going make a blog post on every plane stroke, much less each part I make for this project.  But I did get a couple of hours in the shop to get my thoughts organized yesterday, which was great.

I planed the ends of both feet and both top supports square – they weren’t quite square or even exactly the same length because I’d just rough cut them to length.  “Rough cut” being a euphemism for “I know my sawing sucks so I’ll cut them long knowing I’ll have to spend more time later to get the right”.  In fairness, I’m working with green wood and I wasn’t sure how it would react.  The end grain planes really nicely while it’s still wet.  The doug fir timbers that I’d let dry for the last year were really hard to plane the ends on, I could feel the plane thump into every growth ring along the way.

I laid out both feet together.  The end design, the inset space for the outside edge of the leg, the sides of the leg and the tenons.  And the recess on the bottom.

Foot Layout

Foot Layout

I drilled out the mortises with a Forstner bit.  Then I clamped the two feet together, bottom to bottom, and drilled through (side to side) to make the half round recess at the end of the recess in the foot.  Then I sawed out the ogee design on the ends (roughly) and went to work with a plane for smooth it in.  I chiseled the mortises square, and made a cleanup pass with the plane to remove and remaining layout marks and grubby fingerprints.

There is a little spelching, I’ll have to be more careful on the other foot.  Overall its’ OK though.  Note that the front mortise (on the right in the photo, left in the drawing) is set in further than the other intentionally as the top supports are narrower.

First Foot Finished

First Foot Finished

Foot Dimensions

Foot Dimensions

I’m going to have several cups of coffee now, then go out and work in the shop all day.  I’m hoping to get the other foot and both tops done at least, but I insisted my friend Mark come up so he could finish his Cigar Box Guitar.  I’ve built two (I can’t play though he can) and gave them away as gifts.  I’d like to build another, it’s on my master list of 14 woodworking projects that I want to do ASAP.

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3 thoughts on “Sharpening Station – First Foot

  1. Good start, looking forward to seeing it done. I would consider making one, but i have no space for one in my tiny garage space. I’m thinking of doing something portable where I can pull a board out with the stones inside, and pop the top off and sharpen right away.

    Now i have to dig out 2-5 stones in plastic boxes, find the oil, rags, etc. Clear the bench enough, and sharpen. A self contained unit would be nice. If nothing else I want to make some nice carved wooden stone boxes.

    • I’m not sure I have space for it either, but like you every time I want to sharpen a tool I have to drag out my sharpening supplies and make a space to use them. I have a fairly large shop, but it’s pretty full.

      I picked up some shapton stones recently, but I’m waiting to use them until I have a good place to use them.

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