Sharpening Station, It Never Ends

Actually, I’m getting pretty close to “done”.  I just keep chipping away at it, and making good progress.

I glued up the second end assembly this morning.  The tenons fit snugly, although there are a few small gaps.  I had a lot of problems with this wood chipping out.  I want to use some better quality wood on my next project (well, after the workbench).  My criteria are pretty low.  Dry would be nice.

Gluing Up Second Assembly

Gluing Up Second Assembly

While the second assembly was drying I started working on the stretchers (yay!).  Isn’t this a fine looking piece of wood?  I marked out my cuts with red pen on three sides.

4x6 Green Doug Fir

4×6 Green Doug Fir

I followed the same procedure as always, but I gues this time I got it right.  I started the cut at the far corner and slowly walked the kerf down the layout line, then followed the line down the front keeping the blade in the kerf I already established.  Once I was sawing at a 45 degree angle (and at the bottom of the board) I went to the other side and walked the cut down the other face.  Then I just finished off the cut through the traingular mound in the bottom.

All 3 cuts came out almost perfectly square, within 1/32″ in the worst spot.

Square Cuts On The Ends!

Square Cuts On The Ends!

Next I dimensioned these two parts.  It went pretty quickly, and it didn’t leave me gasping for breath.  Maybe I’m getting the hang of this.

Stretchers DImensioned

Stretchers Dimensioned

I laid out the tenons on one end of the stretchers and called it a day.  I’m solo-parent this weekend so duty calls.  Tomorrow I should be able to get the tenons cut on the stretchers and glue up the assembly.  I have to make some sort of top stretchers too, otherwise I think it’ll be prone to racking.  I don’t want a wobbly bench for sharpening, that sounds like a problem to avoid.

Done for the Day

Done for the Day

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2 thoughts on “Sharpening Station, It Never Ends

  1. That’s a nice square cut on the stretchers. Getting square/plumb cuts is something I still am having problems with.

    • Ralph, me too. I cut all four legs with the same saw and same technique and had to plane them square. The only thing I did differently was to use a lighter touch with the saw. I was happy not to have to plane a bunch of end grain. If I’d know, maybe I wouldn’t have cut them over length!

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