Making Christmas Presents, First Present, First Post

OK, as I type this I’m realizing how very late I am getting started on presents.  Crud.

First present, a candle box for my mom.  The Grand Plan is the Kolya will make her a pair of candlestick holders, and I’ll make a box for candles.  Busy day ahead of me.

I got a start on dimensioning the stock last night, which went really well.  I started with an 10′ 6″ wide 4/4 Cherry board that has been laying in the shop for a year.  I had to pick some metal filings out and clean it with solvent as someone (probably several someones) had walked on it with greasy boots loaded with metal chips.  Sigh.

Raw Stock, After Cleaning

Raw Stock, After Cleaning

I was really careful to orient the grain so the base side was out, and the grain was contiguous all the way around the box.  I dutifully marked my little cabinet maker’s triangles on the top edges to maintain this orientation.

Each Blank is One Long Side and the Adjacent Short Side

Each Blank is One Long Side and the Adjacent Short Side

I was pretty happy up to this point.  After being so careful to dimension the boards and keep the grain oriented I had a brain spasm and cut the rebate to register the tails on the outside of the front inside the inside.  Strike one.  I just spaced out on checking my orientation.  Man, that was frustrating.  It doesn’t make this firewood, but it’s disappointing.

Stock for the Sides Prepared

Stock for the Sides Prepared

I started cutting the tails, and under-cut one of the half-pin shoulders too.  Strike two.  I should have stopped at dimensioning and taken a break I guess.  I’m heading out to the shop to see if I can salvage the work I’ve done so far.  I think it will be OK in the end, but hey…I’ve got another eight feet of Cherry left I guess.

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3 thoughts on “Making Christmas Presents, First Present, First Post

  1. You’re not alone in the last minute woodworking gifts scramble. I’ve got a bunch of long nights ahead of me in the shop. I have to finish up a carved 17th century box for my father in law, start a carved tea box for my mom, and finish the tool chest for my son and get it painted for his birthday (the 19th).

  2. I use a two mistake rule – make two mistakes working on a project and that’s it. Shut off the lights and leave the shop until the next day.

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