Christmas Present Progress

Yesterday I woke up early, had some coffee and went out to the shop.  I’d glued up the dovetailed sides for the Cherry Shaker candle box the night before and it was time to see if I could finish it off in spite the the various snafus along the way.

The biggest problem was gaps in the dovetails.  In one joint I cut the pins ON the transferred line instead of NEXT TO the line.  I guess I was curious about what would happen.  Note to self: This results in a loose fit with gaps everywhere, don’t do this!  I had a couple of localized gaps beyond that.  To deal with this I cut little wedges to tap into the gaps while I was gluing up.

After it’s all said and done, I think it came out OK.  Not perfect, but not embarrassing either.  My half-pins are too wide (the lid is slightly ajar here which makes the top half pins look even wider in the picture, I need to adjust the lid still).

Finished Candle Box

Finished Candle Box

I only have one coat of Tried & True on this so far, I’ll put another coat on tonight and maybe one more after that.  I’ll probably wax the inside, but I’m not going to oil it.  I should have used slightly smaller hinges too…



I really like the color of this piece of Cherry, and needless to say it’s a whole lot more pleasant to work with than the Doug Fir I used on the sharpening bench!

Back of the Box

Back of the Box

Finally, Kolya came out to the shop and made a candlestick for my parents for Christmas.  It’s Redwood Lace Burl.  It turns easily, but this piece was prone to tearing out.  I suggested the design, and I think he did a great job pulling it off.  It’s still dripping with finish in this picture while we wait for it to soak in.  It needs several more coats of finish, the wood is really soaking it up.  Kolya enjoys making stuff on the lathe, and usually take the opportunity to pilfer a root beer from the shop fridge.

Kolya's Handiwork

Kolya’s Handiwork

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2 thoughts on “Christmas Present Progress

  1. Have you heard of the “smart hinge”? It’s a great alternative to the Brusso stop hinges.

    • I hadn’t heard of those until you mentioned them. Pricy, the Brusso were about $30 a pair, those are $50. Looks lie an easy install with a router table though.

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