Grandpa’s Tool Chest – Choosing a Finish

I’m nearly ready to put some finish on the tool chest.  I made up some sample swatches to try different finished.  The topcoat is going to be shellac, but I’m considering putting some color under it.

Any opinions or favorites?

I’m leaning toward either just the orange shellac, or maybe a base coat of “cherry” danish oil, t0pped with shellac.

Finish Sample One and Two

Finish Sample One and Two

Finish Sample Three and Four

Finish Sample Three and Four


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4 thoughts on “Grandpa’s Tool Chest – Choosing a Finish

  1. Orange Shellac only, or the Dark Walnut Danish Oil and Shellac if you wanted my opinion. Thanks for doing this, I was wondering what some of the options were for Pine.

    • I used gel stain on the sharpening station, and while the end result was OK the “grain reversal” wasn’t pretty. I wanted to avoid that, and this was just some experimentation with stuff I had on hand. I’m pretty pleased with how well the water dye worked without too much reversal. I think a really light coat of diluted shellac first, then sanding, would make that approach work really well.

      If I had more time I’d probably go with a different color water dye using that approach, but I’m down to the wire and don’t have time to go get the dye (much less let it dry properly) Good to know though.

  2. It’s a tool chest and I would go with the darker finish

  3. I like the Cherry myself.

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