Squeezed in One Last Christmas Present Project

Kolya and I double-teamed one last project for my wife.  She likes to write with fountain pens, and had a blotter on her wish list.  I tried to order the one she had on her list, but it was out of stock.  So I ordered the refill pad, and decided to make one.

It was pretty simple.  I had a walnut bowl block that was about the right size, so we cut it to size and squared it up.  Kolya made a cardboard pattern for the curved face.  I roughed it in with a saw and thought I’d save some time by using a stationary belt sander to shape the curve.  I’m not sure I actually saved any time – I think I could have faired in the curve just a fast with a block plane.  And it would have been easier to keep straight.

Once we had the face shaped, we ripped off a 1/2″ slab, drilled a hole and set a threaded insert in the bottom part.  The way it works is the blotter paper fits on the curved face, and the ends wrap about the end of the wood and are pinched in place by the top block.  We just had time to slather on one coat of Tried & True varnish oil, then we had to wrap it.

I could probably describe that better, but I’m tired now.

Assembled Blotter

Assembled Blotter

Disassembled Blotter

Disassembled Blotter

And finally, here is the collection of candlestick holders Kolya made for various people.  He’s really enjoyed making things on the lathe.

Candlestick Holders by Kolya

Candlestick Holders by Kolya



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3 thoughts on “Squeezed in One Last Christmas Present Project

  1. Merry Christmas Joe.

  2. PS: Kolya convinced me to let him play rap music on the shop stereo. No one was permanently injured. 🙂

  3. Fun!

    Hope you got a chance to catch up on your sleep and had a wonderful Christmas!

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