Three Legged Stool, Part 2

I took a break from hauling junk to the dump today and spent some time working on my stool.  I’d hoped to get everything fabricated and glued up, but the legs took longer than I’d expected.  It would have been faster to turn them on the lathe of course, but the point of this exercise is to develop my hand tool skills.

I started with a rough sawn plank of Mahogany I pulled from the off-cut bin at Global Wood in Santa Clara.  It has a crack at the other end, but there was plenty of material for making three legs.  I marked out the cuts with a red pen.

8/4+ Mahogany

8/4+ Mahogany

And band-sawed them out.  I need to replace the blade in my saw, it got a kink in it and now leaves a really jagged cut.  But it’s fast.

Lag Blanks Sawn Out

Leg Blanks Sawn Out

Next I laid out a 2″ diameter circle on one end and a 1″ diameter circle on the other.  I’m taking a few liberties with Paul Sellers’ dimensions, but I’m never been good about following the rules.

2" Circle

2″ Circle

Then I laid out taper guidelines on two sides of each piece, and planed down to the line.

Taper Guidelines

Taper Guidelines

Then repeat the same tapering process on the other two sides of each piece.  Clamping them was a little dodgy given the sad state of vise affairs on my workbench.  I should really build a new bench.  Oh, wait…

After planing all three legs into tapered squares, layout more guidelines to turn them into octagons, and plane off the excess.

Layout to Make Hexagons

Layout to Make Hexagons

Finally, finish them off with a spokeshave.  There are still some facets left from the spokeshave, but at this point I started working on fitting the legs into the holes.  I pushed a leg into a hole, then pulled it out to see where it was bruised.  I spokeshaved off these high spots and repeated until I got a reasonable fit.  I took a little too much off the tip of one of the legs, so that might be a problem with the finished stool.  Water putty?

Take off the Corners with a Spokeshave

Take off the Corners with a Spokeshave

Then I penciled in some guidelines on the fat end, and spokeshaved the ends round (ish).  Once this was done I sanded the legs with 120 grit paper to remove the facets and smooth everything out.  I avoided sanding the small end so I wouldn’t mess up the fit.

Round the Ends

Round the Ends

Legs Sanded

Legs Sanded with 120 Grit

I have some more detail work to do before I can glue the legs in.  Sanding the bottom of the stool, cutting chamfers around the edges with the spokeshave and just generally double checking everything.  The leg tenons get a saw kerf and are wedged at glue up time.  I’m going to pick up a bottle of liquid hide glue for this project.  For the finish I’m thinking of using a water-based dye, followed by oil and then shellac.

Mock Up

Mock Up

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6 thoughts on “Three Legged Stool, Part 2

  1. Your videographer is doing a nice job! How did you like using the spoke shave??? I’ve heard that beginners have a tough time and a lot of classes use rasps (Oy!) instead.

    This is a Paul Sellars project, right? Thumbs up on his videos?

  2. Looks really good. Like you’ve done this before. I gotta get out to the garage and start making some shavings, too. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Yes, it’s a Paul Sellers project. I liked his videos, in fact I’m signed up on his “masterclass” (online videos) currently. The DVDs were good, but a bit “overproduced” in my opinion. It’s not a bad thing, just slightly distracting. Lots of flashy graphics and so forth. I like how he talks about the sound and feel that he uses as feedback to the work. So yeah, thumbs up. Want me to include the first one in with the glen huey dvd you you can check it out?

    The LN spokeshave is pretty easy to use. I spent a fair amount of time flattening the back and then honed a nice sharp edge on it. You set the cut by putting it on a flat surface and then sliding the blade in to the same depth. I had a Record 151 that gave me fits, I could get a decent cut with it regularly even after sharpening and tweaking it. I tried the LN and Veritas shaves at WIA, they both seemed very good, but the LN had a little finer cut I think. I’d like to try setting them both up and using them back to back honestly. The veritas is about half the cost of the LN.

  4. I actually got the series for Birthday/Christmas. I’m also signed up for his master class and liked it well enough to take on the videos.

    I’m glad to hear you’re spoke shave is workin’. I need to do this project and get in some good practice. I think your stool turned out really cool. I forgotten how your planning to use it.

  5. No idea what I’m going to do with it. My son wants to use it at the dinner table, that would be pretty funny as his chin would just clear the table.

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