Three Legged Stool, Part 3

Crazy week at work, but I got a few hours in this week on my stool project.  I had the parts all roughed in last weekend, but they needed fine tuning.

The first problem was the fit of the legs into the holes – from the top side – wasn’t great.  My plan was to carefully shave the legs down so they stuck through further and hopefully end up with a better fit.

Tips of Legs Slightly Too Small - Gaps

Tips of Legs Slightly Too Small – Gaps

The second problem was the shape of the sides of the seat itself.  Not so much a mistake, as something I just hadn’t addressed yet.  Too klunky.

Sides are Too Flat and Square

Sides are Too Flat and Square

And finally, the ends of the legs are all slightly different shapes.  Time to get to work.


Mis-Matched Leg Ends

I started with the ends of the legs.  I penciled in some fresh guidelines and went to work with the spokeshave.  I really like the LN spokeshave.  It puts the Record 151 that I previously had to shame.

Adjusting the Shape

Adjusting the Shape

It took some back and forth, shaving, sanding and shaving a little more here and there, but eventually I got all three legs passably close to the same shape.  I also shaved off the high spots where the legs fit into the seat, and sanded them through 220.

Do They Match?  More or Less...

Do They Match? More or Less…

Next I drew in guidelines to help shape the seat.  I decided that the final shaping on the top of the seat will wait until after the glue-up as I have to chisel off the leg protrusions anyway.  So I’m focused on smoothing the underside and visually lightening the shape.

Areas to be Shaped After Glue-Up

Areas to be Shaped After Glue-Up

Areas to be Shaped Now

Areas to be Shaped Now

I clamped the seat in my vise and went to work with the spokeshave.  I worked all around the seat, rough shaping first, then worked around it again to fine tune the shape.   I really need to prioritize finishing my new workbench, this one is terrible.

Roughing In

Roughing In

Finished - Spokeshave Only

Finished – Spokeshave Only

I lightly went over the edge with a fine rasp just to smooth out any weird spots, and also to get into concave areas like the leg notches.  I guess I need to get the round bottom spokeshave now.

Here is the bottom of the stool with the legs and seat sanded through 220 and dry fit.  Ready to glue.

Dry Fit

Dry Fit

I decided to try liquid hide glue, I ordered some “Old Brown Glue“.  I read the instructions (!) and heated it to about 140 degrees.  I don’t have enough experience with the product to say how well it works, but I like the company.  I ordered a 20oz bottle and a pound of dry hide glue flakes.  The shipping was slightly less than the website calculated, so they sent me an extra 5oz bottle.

Focus the Camera Joe!

Focus the Camera Joe!

So, the stool is glued and drying as I type this.  Tomorrow I’ll chisel off the tips of the legs, clean up the shape of the seat and sand everything through 220.  I’m going to wet it to raise the grain and re-sand it.  My plan for finishing is dye stain, oil and then shellac.  It’s very bland looking at this point, although it is “genuine mahogany”.

Glued, Wedged and Drying

Glued, Wedged and Drying

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One thought on “Three Legged Stool, Part 3

  1. Looks good; the shaping on the outside and bottom really made a difference. I also like the shape of the legs.

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