Three Legged Stool – Part 4

There is an ongoing emergency at work this weekend, so I’m not getting as much shop time as I’d like.  It’s 1:30 in the afternoon and I’ve been on four conference calls already.  I did the last one while I was sanding though.

My immediate goal is to trim the legs where they stick through the seat, and clean up the shaping of the top side of the seat.  In retrospect, I should have trimmed the leg tips a little before gluing and wedging.  It would have been easier to clean them up, and I would have had a better fit with the wedges.  Lesson learned.

Leg Protrusion

Leg Protrusion

I tried sawing the protrusions off with a pad saw, but it was more trouble than was worth.  I used a gouge to trim the end and clean up the shape.  I’m not convinced that I actually have my gouges properly sharpened.  In fact, I’m pretty sure I don’t.  They don’t cut as well as a sharp chisel.

Gouge Cleanup

Gouge Cleanup

I used a scraper after the gouge to flatten out the marks, then sanded with 120.  Lots of sanding.  I penciled in some guidelines for rounding over the edge of seat and leg notches.

Seat Bowl Finished, Edge Details Remain Undone

Seat Bowl Finished, Edge Details Remain Undone

I used the spokeshave to round over the edge, then blended all the facets with some 120 grit paper.  I used a rasp followed by 120 grit sandpaper to round over the concave leg notches since my spokeshave won’t reach there.  Then I sanded the whole thing with 220 and gave it a quick once over with 320.  I sprayed it with water and wiped it down to raise the grain.  I’ll go over it with 320 lightly and start applying finish this afternoon.

Shaping and Sanding Done

Shaping and Sanding Done

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