Blacker House Sconce 2

I spent some time last night working out the joinery and part sizes for the Blacker House Sconce.  Today I hope to try making a mockup of the lantern body.  I picked up come off-cuts of Mahogany at Global Wood on the way home last night, so fingers crossed…but first chisels sharpened.

My first concern around making this piece is the scale.  The parts are all relatively small, and the joinery is even smaller.  Maybe that will make it easier in the long run, but I suspect it will mean I have to hold tighter tolerances and be more accurate.  I have other concerns, but I’ll hold off on those for now or I’ll talk myself out of making this.  Sometimes it’s better to just assume I’ll figure it out as I go.

For the joinery on the lantern body I am using stepped tenons so that I can have them reasonably long.  The tenons are set back from the top, bottom and outside face of the rails by 1/16″.  I had to move them to the extreme front/outside of the rails so that I had space for a 1/8″ x 1/8″ rebate on the inside edge to hold the glass.

Stepped Tenons

Stepped Tenons

The first step will be to mill the stock to rough dimensions, then make the stiles.  See how close the mortises are to the rebate for the glass?  That worries me.  The fact that the top mortise is only 1/16″ from the end worries me too – I think I’ll leave it long until I’ve chopped the mortises, then trim it.  I’m not entirely sure how I’ll do the stopped rebate.  With power tools this would be a simple router job.  Right now I’m thinking that I’ll chop the ends with a chisel and then use a plow plane to remove the waste in between.

Stile Dimensions

Stile Dimensions

Time for one more cup of coffee, then I’ll head out to the shop and rough out the stock.  I’m having lunch with a buddy that does fabulous hot rod metalwork, I’ll post some pics from his shop later.

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