Blacker House Sconce 4 – Changed Dimensions

After making a prototype of the front of the sconce last weekend I decided it was a little too small.  After trying to print a scale drawing I decided that I don’t really care for Sketchup.  Even following the directions (page re-size off, model size=print size, etc) it still prints smaller than actual.  And there is some kind of a bug that when I try to print now it puts Sketchup into a weird state where I can’t see the model anymore and I have to exit and re-start.  Clearly, you get what you pay for.

I ordered a lamp and socket.  I decided to use a compact florescent bulb because I’m concerned about heat.  I found a 6500K color temperature (bright white) that should have the same brightness as a 75 watt bulb.  You can see that the lamp — which isn’t all that big — dwarfs the stile I made.

Lamp and Socket

Lamp and Socket

So I scaled up, about 1/4″ in stile length, and I went from 1/2″ square stiles to 5/8″ square stiles.  I adjusted the rails, and also made it slightly deeper (front-to-back).  This gives me a lot more clearance between the rebate for the glass and the mortises, and allows me to go from a 1/16″ shoulder on the tenons all the way up to a generous 1/8″.

Scaled Up Lamp

Scaled Up Lamp

I want to print out a full size version before I make this to ensure I get the scale and dimensions right.  Which means re-modeling it in SolidWorks, which is simple enough.  Since I can use that to make the patterns for the stained glass too it’s worth the little bit of extra effort to re-do the model.

Updated Stile

Updated Stile

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