Blacker House Sconce 4

So, no woodworking this weekend, but I did re-draw the sconce in SolidWorks so I could print out a full size version.  I also drew out patterns for the stained glass and figured out the dimensions for the rest of the parts.

Front View

Front View

I think I’m confident enough of the dimensions now that I can start (again) making this.  There are some funny reflections in the glass, but my old Windows PC that has SolidWorks on it keeps overheating when I run a render…and shuts off completely.  Kinda frustrating.  I guess I need to replace it.  I’ll start dimensioning the stock for this and see if I can’t get the show on the road finally.

Blacker House Lamp Rendering

Blacker House Lamp Rendering


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3 thoughts on “Blacker House Sconce 4

  1. Very nice! That’s some seriously straight grained wood you have for a top. 😉

  2. The rendering looks great Joe!

    Now, let’s see if you’ll get as overheated as the PC when dimensioning the stock by hand.

    • Dimensioning little stock like this isn’t too hard physically, but keeping it square and hitting the thickness just right is hard. When I made a prototype of this using 1/2″ square stock it was a big pain. It would probably be better to thickness it first, then rip strips and just have to square the last side. Yeah, that’s the ticket!

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