Progress on the New Shop

More progress on the new shop space this weekend, but it’s slow going.

I tore out more of the old cabinets, and have yet another pile of junk to haul to the dump.  Unbelievable.  This is my pile from today.  (edit: this is my SEVENTH such pile, and that is AFTER the person that bought the chopper parts business took all of the inventory and packing supplies out of this garage)  I have no idea how this much stuff could fit in there, although to be fair some of this is debris from the shipping crate from my gigantic new jointer.

Dump Run Waiting to Happen

Dump Run Waiting to Happen

Here is the new jointer getting acquainted with the planer I picked up on auction with the table saw.  When I look at this picture I just see more work to do to get the shop set up.  Old plastic air lined to take out, another cabinet to tear out, window trim to replace, walls to paint, and more junk to find a new home for.

Jointer and Planer

Jointer and Planer

Kolya and I mostly focused on this back corner today.  There were two cabinets that we tore out.  I have to find a new home for most of they contents, I threw away what I could.  Once we had the space cleared out we bolted a piece of 2×12 and 2×6 to the wall to support the dust collector.

Dust Collector Mounts

Dust Collector Mounts

Once the dust collector is mounted it will be tough to paint behind it, so we painted the area first using an old can of paint that I discovered in one of the cabinets.  I’m going to move the forge, anvil and power hammer into the other shop so all my metal work stuff is in one place.  I’ll make a doghouse for the generator outside, next to the garage.  That will help a bunch.

Looking Better

Looking Better

I have the supplies to run the electrical outlets for the tools (something I never had to worry about with my hand tools), but I probably won’t have a chance to get out there for two weeks.  Next weekend my buddy Ron and I are going to LA for a “joinery” tour of the Gamble House.  We’re also going to stop at the Huntington and probably at the Peterson automotive museum.  Definitely a man-cation.

This is what I'm doing next weekend

This is what I’m doing next weekend

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4 thoughts on “Progress on the New Shop

  1. I did the Greene and Greene Tour last time I was down there for our family road trip. Amazing tour, well worth it. You get behind the ropes access, and the guide will show you nearly any detail. he took drawers out, and let us crawl under tables (no touching).

    Great tour for a woodworker.

    • I’m really looking forward to this tour. Did they let you take pictures?

      Kolya and I did the standard tour as part of WIA this past year, but no photography. Plus it was night and there wasn’t much light.

      I have a laundry list of home improvements I want to do, all in the G&G style. I want to make the Blacker Sconce I’ve been modeling, and this is a thumbnail sketch of a new driveway gate that is on my to-do list.

      Driveway Gate Idea

  2. Man! That’s gona be some kinda shop. Wow, what a lot work, but it’s going to be worth it!

    • I think it will be nice, hopefully not too cramped. I’m really excited, can’t wait to get it operational.

      I’m going to make a few simple wall cabinets to hold my planes and hand tools, and I fully expect my wife to give me grief after I tore out all of the green cabinets that were already there. But they weren’t the right size or configuration for what I needed.

      It will be good practice for kitchen cabinets, right?

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