I Hate Drywall

Thank god this blog isn’t “McGlynn on Drywalling”.

If setting up a new shop space is a bell curve, with the peak of the curve being at one end being choosing and ordering new tools representing, and the peak on the other end being walking out into a well-organized shop, then drywall repair is the the big, ugly valley in between.

I hate doing drywall.

Even worse is repairing drywall that was badly installed in the first place.  The seams in the drywall aren’t level, and the joints aren’t centered over a stud.  How is a joint with no support supposed to not crack?  Where “Dick”, the previous homeowner did put joint compound on the wall it’s just a big lump with no effort to smooth it out.  None of the electrical boxes are level or fit the drywall.  Frankly, it really should be striped out and done over.  But it’s just a garage workshop, and I’m eager to get it back in operation.

Holey Drywall

Holey Drywall

I trimmed back the drywall so I’d have part of the stud to screw it to, then cut and fit pieces of drywall into the holes.  Where patches would be unsupported I screwed wood strips to the back of the existing drywall to support the patch.  Then I put down some self-adhesive fiberglass tape over all the seams and slathered on a coat of joint compound.  This stuff is pink when it goes on, and it turns white as it drys.

After 5 hours there are still pink spots.  I’ll need to put on another two or three coats to “float” out the seams and get things in reasonable shape.  I have a couple of more holes to patch on another wall, but I’d had my fill of drywall for the days after this wall.

Better, But Still Ugly

Better, But Still Ugly

I have another day’s work in smoothing out the walls, at least.  Maybe the drywall elves will come while I’m asleep tonight.  Once this is done I just need to paint the walls and run the ducting for the dust collection and I should be in business.  Woot!

While I was waiting for the joint compound to dry I started making another pepper mill, this one for my folks, so I did get a little woodworking in.  I used Black Acacia for this one.  It needs a few more coats of finish and then I’ll install the grinder mechanism.

Black Acacia Pepper Mill

Black Acacia Pepper Mill


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3 thoughts on “I Hate Drywall

  1. Nice mill! Darn, you’re getting good at this turning stuff. Any chance you’re using easy tools? One of these days I’m going to build a back yard shed, free up some room in the garage and by a lathe.

    BTW, I know some dry wall fairies. I generally hang the drywall and then hire some one to mud and tape. Then I leave quarters (scratch that) lots of dollar bills under the fairy’s pillow. 😀

    • Yes, I am using the “Easy Wood” tools. I like the no-sharpening deal, although I suspect that I could get a better finish with a gouge and skew (less sanding).

      I saw a series of youtube videos on making a steel-hooped mallet recently, that caught my fancy. I’ll have to pick up some big chunks to try that. I like hammers, I bet I have 100 between my different metalwork pursuits (metal shaping, silversmithing, blacksmithing). It’s kind og funny that I don’t have a regular nail hammer.

  2. Dude,
    Did the previous owner of your shop ever live in Lafayette, Louisiana? I’m working out of a barn that I’m sure was built by the same owner. What is so hard to understand about putting studs 16″ OC? Tape measures even have red marks and arrows do make it easy. The level of craftsmanship displayed and accepted by the common man boggles my mind.

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