Shop Update: Almost Done!

I’ve been plugging away setting up my new wood shop between emergencies at work that conspire to steal my weekends.

I finally called it quits on fixing up the drywall.  I’ve never seen such a poor job of drywall as this.  I’m sure there are worse, and I hope to never see them.  I patched the holes that I created to run the new outlets for the tools, and tried to float out the worst of the seams, but in the end there are too many problem spots and it’s a workshop after all.

Ode To Drywall: How I Hate You

Ode To Drywall: How I Hate You

After rolling out a coat of white paint (it really needs a second coat) the walls look OK.  The problems will be less noticeable once I put in some window trim, make some tool cabinets and have a few piles of wood stacked everywhere.

The Walls are Passable

The Walls are Passable

I also mounted my air compressor to the concrete floor (it was still on the shipping pallet) and moved it as close to the garage door as possible to make more room for other junk.

Compressor Mounted

Compressor Mounted

And I re-attached the air lines to the metal shop, and added a two stage filter and regulator, and a pair of quick connects.  In an ideal world this wouldn’t be so close to the compression, in my reality it’s finished and checked off the to-do list.

Air Drop for the Woodshop

Air Drop for the Woodshop

Tomorrow I will start running the ducting for the dust collector and install the slider extension on the table saw.  The rest of the duct parts won’t come until next week, so I won’t be operational this weekend…but I’ll be really close.

Then I need to clean up and organize the metal shop.  A lot of my hot rod parts and extra tools were stored in what is now my woodworking shop, so as this space has gotten progressively neater the other space has gotten a little out of control.  I really want to get back to making stuff instead of setting up my workspace.  This is fun, to a point, but it’s really just a means to an end.

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2 thoughts on “Shop Update: Almost Done!

  1. Hi Joe,
    pics of the other side of the workshop forthcoming?

    • I’m going to start on the ducting today, and hopefully install the last part of the table saw. I’ll get a picture of that.

      I still need to move the blacksmithing power hammer to the other shop, but it’s pretty heavy (guessing 700 pounds at least), more than I can drag around by myself. Maybe pipe rollers like the egyptians, but my driveway has a serious tilt, that could be a problem…

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