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I cleaned up the last pile and dimensioned a few pieces of Mahogany that I bought for the Blacker House sconce I’m going to make.  And the shop stayed clean, no sawdust cloud or debris on the floor.  I now have my power tools operational and ready to go to work.  It’s been a slog, getting everything pulled together, organized, wired and ducted.  And I still have a tool cabinet to build for my hand tools and my roubo bench to finish.  Tomorrow morning I’m going to do a first pass on organizing my metalworking shop, and I’ll probably bring my hand tools over into the new wood shop, so this is the last time this space will look so spacious.

First, the table saw.  I got the sliding extension in place, it was a no-brainer when it came down to it.  I think I was over-thinking it.  The main mount bracket sits on the raised band at the bottom of the cabinet, I marked and drilled four 1/2″ holes and bolted it on, then added the rest of the parts and adjusted it level with the sliding table.  The table is wide enough to support a 48″ wide sheet of plywood against the far fence.  Both fences are adjustable for angled cuts


Sliding Table Saw with Cross Cut Extension

Hers is the back side of the saw with the duct collector hookup.  I think I have enough space to make an out-feed table about 36″ wide that doubles as a router table.  I’ll build in some storage for router bits and the fence for the router table.  That will also hide the hoses.  I don’t like the flex hose on the top of the saw, I’m going to make a rigid arm to replace that.  I’m still waiting for the dado insert and miter gauge and the pointer for the rip fence, I called General and they were happy to supply the missing parts.

Table Saw

Table Saw

The jointer is a 12″ Grizzly with indexible cutters.  It seems to work well, I’ve jointed a few boards and it leaves a nice finish and has plenty of power.

12" Jointer

12″ Jointer

And the 20″ General planer with straight knives.  I wish I had indexible knives, but I got this and the table saw at an auction even though they were new — for about 1/4 of the best online price I could find for them. – so I can afford to upgrade it to a Bryd cutter head in the future.

20" General Planer

20″ General Planer

I added two floor sweeps and a branch for a 4″ hose so I can use the dust collector to sweep the floor – like a giant shop vac.  I bought some flex hose for this, but it’s too heavy and stiff, I need some lighter, thinner stuff for this part of the setup.

Shop Vac Replacement and Floor Sweep

Shop Vac Replacement and Floor Sweep

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7 thoughts on “Shop Tour

  1. Where’s the workbench? Or have you gone japanese and work on the floor?

    • Ha!

      It will go here, under this window. I still need to figure out how to move the power hammer to the other shop. It’s too heavy to slide, and my driveway has a 15 or 20 degree tilt toward a deep valley so I’m concerned about rollers. Although I guess if it gets away from me and goes down the hill then at least it’s not in the way anymore. I am thinking I may need to forge the hinges for the driveway gate I want to make, so that wouldn’t be my first choice.

      Power Hammer

  2. Can you put it on rollers or pipes, then control its decent with a come a long or winch, and then tow it back up to the other shop by pulling with a come a long or winch? (I’m thinking the valley is between the two shops? I use come a longs a lot to position equipment around on trailers, and also to lower heave equipment down long ramps from trailers. Just a thought.


  3. Yeah, I’m definitely over-thinking this one. I need to just go do it. Maybe I can lift it with my engine hoist, then set it on the bottom legs of the hoist and roll it up the hill.

    • I use an engine hoist a lot as well, good idea. Is it a top heavy piece like a bandsaw is? That always makes life a little more difficult. But your right, and engine lift and then just a slow controlled lowering down into the valley, and the reverse to go up again. I’ve really invested a bit in some of these cheaper hydraulic tools in recent years, just because my body and muscles aren’t what they were. I should have done it when I was younger, I’d be in better shape now. Pallet jacks are pretty inexpensive at Harbor Freight. I’m not a fan of their tools in general, but for these moving tools, I use their stuff frequently.

      Good luck, the shop looks great.

  4. Man! I can’t believe how much you’ve gotten done. Everything looks awesome. A 12″ jointer sounds like a dream come true, but I’m really jealous of your 20″ planer.

    PS. I’m sitting at my new desk. It works!

  5. Marilyn – I *JUST* saw your desk. It’s spectacular (go check it out at The curly Cherry looks spectacular. There is so much complex stuff going on in that desk, you really did a great job on it.

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