Back in Blacker

OK, the new shop is more or less operational, and I’m tired of working ON the shop and wanted to work IN the shop today.

I’ve been wanting to make a sconce like one I’ve seen from the Blacker House.  I drew it in Sketchup, then re-drew it in Solidworks.  Earlier this morning I scaled it up a little.  Originally I drew it with 1/2″ thick stiles, then in Solidworks I made them 5/8″ square.  This morning I scaled them up again to 3/4″, made the stiles an inch longer and lengthened the rails to match.  Then I spilled half of cup of cold coffee, which went everywhere, and swore loudly.  I guess that’s how I roll.

Out in the shop I milled up some Mahogany I picked up a couple of months ago.  It took no time at all to true it up (it had a whopper twist too) and rip/cross cut all of the parts.  I cut all of the tenons on the table saw.  Now I need to decide how I want to cut the grooves and mortises.  I cut a few extra parts so I have some allowance for errors and experiments.

Time to go practice chopping mortises I think.  Or set up my Dremel tool in a little router table.

Long Rails - Front and Back

Long Rails – Front and Back

Short Rails - Sides

Short Rails – Sides




Mockup – Stiles on Top of Tenons

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