Blacker Sconce…almost

I cut the mortises, but ran into a problem.  The mortises for the rails and rebates for the glass channel are really close together.  On several of the stiles they broke right there.  Dang.

The dry fit is OK, and the rails are all in good shape. I could probably make this work with some epoxy and filler pieces, but I’m going to re-make the stiles a little more carefully — leaving more clearance between the rebate and mortise.

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back...

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back…

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2 thoughts on “Blacker Sconce…almost

  1. Joe, I ran into the same problem with my G & G table lamps. Am considering remaking the stiles, but using 1/4″ dowels instead of M & T. That mortise is a bugger, so close to the rabbit !! Heresy?

    • Without changing the tenons – either making them thinner or narrower – I’m kind of stuck with this situation. I re-made the stiles, but over shot on two of the mortises. I got in a hurry. I may be able to use them, but I’m going to pick up another piece of Mahogany tomorrow and work a little more carefully.

      (edit: “tenons” not “tendons”, this just wrong)

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