Tool Cabinet – Main Cabinet Designed

Last night I re-modeled the hand tool cabinet idea I was playing with a few weeks ago.  It ended up looking pretty much the same, but I’ve adjusted the dimensions so that everything should fit properly.  The original Sketchup model was done as a single monolithic model — no components.  So I couldn’t easily figure out materials needs and the layout for parts.  This version is done properly, as a set of components with grooves for dados.  I did it all with nominal dimensions, not actual material thicknesses.  Don’t get me started, how hard would it be to make 3/4″ plywood actually be 3/4″ thick?  I tried to explain why wood is never the actual size that you buy to my 12 year old, and finally gave up.

The Sketchup model for this version is on the 3D Warehouse site here: Download Model Here

Everything here is made from 3/4″ ply except for the case back, which is 1/2″ ply.  The back will set in a groove offset 1/2″ from the rear of the case so there is room for a french cleat to hand this.  I need to add two doors, which will be 2″ deep plywood boxes to hang chisels and other small tools.  The drawer box will be a separate piece that will fit into the bottom space.  I thought about trying to layout grooves for the drawer dividers now, but I’m concerned about getting everything accurately lined up as it is.

Sketchup Model V2

Sketchup Model V2

The case corners are a tongue and dado joint.  THe tongue is 1/4″ x 1/4″.  Nothing fancy in the case, but I’d bet the glue up will be interesting given all of the parts that need to be lined up and clamped.

Tongue and Dado Corner Joint

Tongue and Dado Corner Joint

This looks like just the main box will use the better part of three sheets of plywood, two sheets of 3/4″ and one sheet of 1/2″.  I did a quick mockup of the doors, I’ll need to leave at least 1/8″ gap between them, maybe more, to allow them to swing open.   It’s not particularly fancy, but it will get my tools organized and put away.  Time to go cut some plywood.

Mockup With Doors

Mockup With Doors

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2 thoughts on “Tool Cabinet – Main Cabinet Designed

  1. Jim B

    Sketchup won’t tell you how much gap to leave between the doors?

    • Maybe — I could lay out the top view of the doors and get a good approximation that way, but it will also matter where the pivot on the hinge ends up.

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