Tool Cabinet, Baby Steps

I cut out the sides, top and bottom for my tool cabinet today, and started cutting the plethora of grooves that are required.

First off, I’m not impressed with the material.  I passed on the Home Depot plywood and bought some slightly more expensive birch ply at the lumber  yard.  It’s got voids.  Just not what I’d expected for $55 a sheet.  On the other hand, the stuff that was a notch up from this was $130 a sheet.

I used the scoring blade on my table saw for the first time.  It’s on a separate crank to raise it, and it has its own motor (and switch) so when I don’t need it I just lower it out of the way and leave it off.  It did a great job of cutting the plywood without any feathering or tear out.

First Use of the Scoring Blade

First Use of the Scoring Blade

I cut a 48″ long section off of each sheet and then cut two sides, a top and a bottom from those.  They all came out square and even.

Loaded and Ready to Cut

Loaded and Ready to Cut

I used the router table to cut the tongues on the top and bottom, and the receiving grooves in the sides.  I had to use a shoulder plane to tune up the fit, but they came out nice.  I also cut a dado for the back in all four parts.  I need to lay out the dados for the shelves and dividers, and needed to step back and think that through.  I’m still waiting for the dado insert for the saw to arrive from General Canada.  If it doesn’t come soonish I have an idea for a simple jig to make it easier to cut these with a router.

I’ll pick up some 1/8″ hardboard for the jig tomorrow just to be safe, and some more Mahogany for the sconce too.  I think I’ll have plenty of kindling next winter.

Tongue and Dados Cut

Tongue and Dados Cut

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