Hand Tool Cabinet Design Additions

Drawing stuff is easier than making stuff.

I needed to print out the layouts for the dados I need to cut into the plywood pieces for my hand tool cabinet, which is a real no-brainer compared to to getting the layout and cuts done accurately in real life.  With the new dado jig I made last night this should be pretty simple to do, and with a little luck and a decent tail wind I’ll get home from work with enough time to start cutting these.

Dado Layout

Dado Layout

While I had Sketchup fired up, I mocked up some dividers for drawers.  I think something like this would work OK.  Which means more dados of course.  I’m not sure what I’ll put in the drawers, but I’ll cross that bridge later.

Drawer Mockup

Drawer Mockup

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3 thoughts on “Hand Tool Cabinet Design Additions

  1. I like the drawers better then the open space. I think they are a good choice for the small tools.

  2. Jim B

    When designing my wall hung tool cabinet, the majority of the work was optimizing shelf spacing to fit my tools. I added a 2″ tall one for spokeshaves, etc. Made a couple of them adjustable too.

    I have drawers but only two of the size you show for marking knives, etc. and the other for extra plane blades. I can more easily find items on an open shelf (or hanging) than in one of many small drawers. YMMV

  3. My doors are going to be 2″ deep, so I am planning on hanging my chisels and spoke shaves there. I can probably fit all carving, mortise, paring and regular chisels, plus spokeshaves on one door with room to spare. This is a giant cabinet.

    I think I can fit my layout tools in one drawer, which I think will be handy. I can take the entire drawer to the bench to do layout work, then put all my layout tools away easily. The drawers are 15″ wide x 14″ deep x 3.75″ tall. I’m thinking I’ll have a removable insert in this drawer with my layout tools french fit.

    I have a handful of extra/alternate plane blades, but not nearly enough to take up an entire drawer. I may store my sharpening jigs and extra stones in that drawer, although I need to bring my sharpening bench in to see if it will fit in the shop. I may need to make a smaller one with a drawer, which would be unfortunate since I like my sharpening bench.

    When I’m finished I think I’ll have 3 or four drawers of free space, and maybe one entire door inside that is free. It will be nice to have a place to put my hand tools away, and still have them ready to go to work.

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