Tool Cabinet Progress

I made some decent progress today on my tool cabinet.  I still need to add the dividers for the drawers, the ramp for the plane till and some sort of gizmo to hold my saws.  Then I can start on the drawers and doors.

Coming Together

Coming Together

There are a couple of problems, one of which is my fault and the other I can’t quite pin down.  Probably my fault too.

FIrst, I mis-read my own plans and cut a dado in the wrong place.  Two, actually, but only one will show and not much at that.  I’ve repaired this, it’s annoying but not the end of the world.  The other problem is that the sides of the case are bowed in slightly.  I haven’t figured out what’s causing that, but it’s got to be something I did.  Maybe some inaccuracy some where.  My first guess was the back was too narrow, but I checked that and it was OK.  The case is square corner-to-corner, which is good.  I’m concerned that the bow in the sides might make it tough to put doors on it.  One step at a time.  Given how big this case is, maybe I should have made it out of 1″ ply.

Here is my mistake.  I put this dado in the wrong spot and didn’t discover it until I had the case glued up.  So I glued in an off cut, and glued in a spacer to support the end of that shelf.  Most of the patch will be hidden by the plane ramp, but it’s embarrassing and annoying.



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2 thoughts on “Tool Cabinet Progress

  1. I so totally did the same thing on my tool cabinet – Mine’s on the top of the cabinet which I never see, but still its on the outside.

    Your cabinet is looking really nice. I worried also about how heavy mine was .. especially with all the tools in it. So I followed the CS approach, put in a nice long French cleat at the top and lag bolted a 2×4 under the bottom. I hang my big saws on the 2×4 with hooks.

  2. I had the same problem with the plywood while making my shop cabinets. I assumed it was related to the unsupported length of the boards. The face frame covered it up, but it was annoying. Nice repair on the mortise.

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