Saw Till Guts

I added the guts to the saw till, nothing complex.

I used a 1″ dowel to support the handle, it goes through one internal divider and fits into a pocket in the outside of the case.  I made a little jig to get the holes lined up properly.

Drilling a Recess for the Support Dowell

Drilling a Recess for the Support Dowel

Then I cut some saw kerfs in strips of 3/4″ plywood on 1″ centers.  I put three blade supports in, which covers all of my saws.  I’ll have room for two or three more saws once I’m “moved in”.  I’ll probably hang my dovetail saws on the doors, although they could fit here too.

A Few Saws Test Fit

A Few Saws Test Fit

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7 thoughts on “Saw Till Guts

  1. Always nice when you start to move in. I found a blog about a wall hung tool chest that this guy made. I had meant to give it to you before you got this far along but I couldn’t find it. Anyway, here it is. . You might get some ideas from how he did his drawers.

  2. Looking great Joe!

    How much room is the under the dowel holding the saws? It might be a trick of the light but it looks like you could get a small drawer in there for coping saw blades etc 🙂

  3. No extra space under the dowel, some of the handles stick down too far. But I do have room at the top of the till. I’m thinking either a shelf or drawer there to hold my saw vise and sharpening files. It’s not easily accessible being so far up, but I rarely do (or want to do) saw sharpening.

    My Miter box saw needs a good sharpening, I’m more likely to spend the time to build a nice box for it and ship it to Bad Axe than to do the drill myself.

  4. I had a shelf at the top of mine too ( if interested) but recently pulled it out. I was given a nice old rip saw that was too long for the rack so decided the shelf had to come out. Leave yourself plenty of room up the top in case the same thing happens!

    With sharpening, I hated it at first but soon came to realise it’s almost therapeutic – one tooth at a time, repeat and repeat until done and all the worries floating around your head soon fade away.

  5. Nice looking till! Mine is a bit longer than yours at 37.5″ tall (internal measurement), so it’s be a pretty big rip saw. But I’ll wait to add a shel until after I move in and find homes for everything.

  6. Thanks Joe :). Mine’s 35 1/2ish (90cm) so that extra bit of length on yours may save you the problem I had. Nice work you’re doing here, I’m looking forward to seeing the finished cabinet.

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