More Tool Holders

I managed to squeeze in a couple of more tool holders this weekend after the marquetry class on Saturday.  We have too many activities going on this weekend to get much shop time logged, but I’m slowly chipping away at finishing the tool cabinet.  Mostly this is simple stuff that doesn’t require a lot of planning or finessse.

The spokeshave holder started as two 2.5″ wide strips of Alder that I tacked together.  I spaced the slots 2″ apart and used a 1″ forstner bit to help lay everything out.

Layout for the Spokeshave Holder

Layout for the Spokeshave Holder

Then I poked the holed in the stack…

Holes Drilled

Holes Drilled

Sawed out the waste, cleaned up the slots with a rasp, glued it to a spacer board and mounted it in the cabinet door after a quick coat of oil/wax finish.  It’s not beautiful, but it’s functional…and done.



Speaking of rasps, the rack for them is just a series of slots in another hunk of Alder.

Rasp Rack

Rasp Rack

And that pretty much wraps up what I plan to store on the right side door of the tool cabinet.  I’ll go over the inside of the door with a coat of finish this week.  I’ll mount my bits and brace, and layout tools on the other door.  I expect I’ll have room left over after that.  I need to pick up some more Alder too, might as well be consistent in the wood that I’m using.  In fact, I should use that for the drawers too I suppose.

One Door Done

One Door Done




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One thought on “More Tool Holders

  1. Looking good Joe 🙂

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