Blacker House Sconce, Again, Part 1,000

This little sconce seems to be my personal windmill to joust with. I’ve drawn it in Sketchup twice, and and again in SolidWorks twice. I updated the model this morning to better accommodate the reality of the intersecting mortises and the rebate for the glass panels.

In my previous version I’d only allowed about 1/16″ between the glass rebate and the mortises in the stiles. In retrospect, that was D-U-M-B. I scaled the thickness of the rails and stiles by 1/16″ of an inch, so I have 1/8″ between the glass rebate and the mortise. It’s still not much, and I’ll need to be really careful not to blow out the wall where they come close. Wish me luck, I’m going to head out to the shop in a bit and mill up some more Mahogany and have another go at making the lantern body.

I updated my PDF plans, you can download a copy of the plans if you’re interested in trying this out yourself.  Once I get past this part (which I believe is the hardest part of the project) I’ll update the plans with the rest of the sconce.  You can look at some of the earlier posts on this same subject to see where it’s headed.

Scaled Up Lantern Body

Scaled Up Lantern Body

Exploded View

Exploded View


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3 thoughts on “Blacker House Sconce, Again, Part 1,000

  1. Joe I think by my count this is part 1002

  2. Erik Anchorage, AK

    Joe, Thanks for posting your plans


    • My pleasure Erik. I’ll keep updating them as I work through making the sconce – I have the other parts (breadboard top, wall bracket and stained glass patterns) modeled and will be adding that in. I think this version of the lantern is a done deal, there should be plenty of material everywhere, just need to be careful with the mortises where they come close to the rebate for the stained glass and at the top end of the stiles. I probably should have left my stiles long and cut them to final length after chopping the mortises.

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