Blacker House Blah-Blah-Blah

I managed to squeeze in a few minutes of woodworking yesterday, between familial errands and making dinner.  Dinner, by the way, was Molasses-smoked baby back ribs.  This is a new recipe from some foodie magazine I picked up at the store on one of my errands.  The ribs were pretty awesome, if I say so myself. I can see a few tiny tweaks to improve them next time, because I’m so making them again.

I printed out my plans for the lantern body, picked through my “stock” of Mahogany and started milling wood to make all the parts.  I say “stock” because I have a few scraps left over from from the Mahogany Milk Stool I made, plus two warped off-cuts from the discount bin at Global Wood Source.  Luckily the mahogany seems to be pretty consistent in color and grain because I was trying to use up all of my small pieces.

Sconce Body Plans

Sconce Body Plans (and the previous failed assembly)

No major adventures with the milling the stock, with the exception of my growing frustration with my table saw.  It has a couple of problems that are just really stupid design flaws.  It’s brand new, and though I got it for a fraction of the new price it’s still frustrating as heck.  If I’d paid the full street price of $6,000 they want for the I would be suing someone. The main frustration is that the rip fence is nearly useless.  It doesn’t have a pointer to indicate the setting, and the guide bar that it rides on isn’t straight.  It’s a round tube and I’ve adjusted it using a dial indicator so that it is within 0.001″ of parallel at several points, but in between the mounting points it’s out of parallel enough to bind the blade and stop it when ripping.  WTF.  I’ll have to replace it with an aftermarket rip fence.

Anyway, I got the stock milled up – enough to make two lantern bodies and enough scraps to help set up and make test cuts.  I don’t think I have any errands today.  I should be able to cut all the tenons, mortises and rebates and dry fit the bodies.  I’m a little afraid.  If it goes as planned it will be completely anti-climatic, and if I run into more problems it’s going to be a tad embarrassing.  I think Ralph is tired of me rambling about this silly project, time to get the show on the road.

Material Milled to Size and Cut to Length for Two Lamps

Material Milled to Size and Cut to Length for Two Lamps

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5 thoughts on “Blacker House Blah-Blah-Blah

  1. I’m not tired of you blogging about it this. I want to see a light shining in it. This reminds me of some of the projects I’ve made.
    Sucks about the tablesaw fence going south. Sounds like the walls are too thin.

  2. I’m not tired of you talking about this project. I think its really cool and a tough project. Small parts are tough. Are you using REAL mahogany .. not khaya,etc? I wanna work with some real mahogany some day.

    It’s lookin’ good!

    • Honduras Mahogany, I think “real” would be Cuban. It’s easy stuff to work, planes and sands really easily.

  3. Sylvain

    Aren’t those table saw designed to use the sliding table for everything including for riping?
    Isn’t the fence role limited to that of a stop block?


  4. Ripping a narrow board on the sliding table doesn’t seem like it would work to me. I suppose I could clamp a board to the sliding table to rip it, but how would I gauge the width?

    There are a handful of things I don’t like about this table saw, I sent an email to General this morning, I’m eager to see what they have to say for themselves. The rip fence is poorly designed in my opinion. The sliding table is nice, but the built-in miter gauge on it won’t hold it’s position (similar to a miter gauge with a long extension, the lever action is too much for a single clamp bolt at the pivot). I can make a secondary clamp for it that will fix that easily enough, but why do *I* need to do it?

    The dado setup and table insert are the third strike. Don’t even ask.

    All of it is stuff that I can make work properly with an aftermarket rip fence, a auxiliary clamp for the miter gauge and some home-made table inserts. But I’m annoyed that I have deal with it at all. I’m hoping General will make it right.

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