Sconce Progress

I really need to move this sconce project along, if for no other reason than I’m tired of thinking of catchy titles for blog posts about it.

Yesterday I cut all of the tenons, on all 16 rails (I’m making enough parts for two lamps).  Since I offset the tenon toward the outside face further than I’d originally planned in my model I discovered I don’t need to use stepped tenons.  They will fit into the intersecting mortises if I just cut a 45 degree chamfer at the tip of the tenon.  I like this a lot better, I should have spotted this in my CAD model – I’ll update the plans to reflect this change later.  A couple of the tenon shoulders got a little wonky, but I think they be okay after a little paring.

Tenons on all 16 Rails Done

Tenons on all 16 Rails Done

I started in on the mortises.  I’m using a 3/16″ router bit to hog out the material and then squaring them up with a chisel.  THis worked OK until the router bit broke.  I think I need to cut them in several passes — I was cutting them in a single pass, but slowly.  Off to Woodcraft today to pick up a new bit, and god knows what else.  It’s dangerous to walk in there.

Anyway, I read about a technique for using a stack of shims to rout deep mortises, taking out one shim with each pass.  That was you don’t have to re-set the router for each cut.  I’m going to do this on the top mortises, maybe that will keep me from blowing out the tops (and breaking another bit).

Squaring up Mortises

Squaring up Mortises

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2 thoughts on “Sconce Progress

  1. Where did you get those plans? Are they output from SketchUp?

  2. Hi Jeff,

    No, I created those with SolidWorks. I modeled this initially with Sketchup, but when I needed to make changes to the model it was too much trouble to change all of the individual components and re-align them so I re-modeled it using SolidWorks — which is a a commercial 3D CAD tool. I prefer that over Sketchup for a lot of reasons — not the least of which is that it can easily product properly dimensioned drawings from the model. It’s also simple to change the model.

    The current plans can be downloaded from here:

    The next rev of the plans will have the change to the tenons (eliminating the step in the tenons and beveling the ends) and I’ll add in the top and support bracket and stained glass patterns. It’s still a work in progress until I finish making the first one 🙂

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