Anticlimactic Glue-Up

I glued up the body of the first Sconce today, after sanding all of the parts to 220 grit first.  It went OK, and no drama or disasters.

I decided to do it in two stages, as trying to clamp the whole thing at once seemed dicey.  Maybe with a strap clamp, or that stretchy plastic warp they use to package goods on pallets.  I did have one small spot where the top of the mortise chipped out.  It’s not a structural problem, and won’t be visible once the top of the lantern body is in place.

My next step is to repeat what I’ve done with the parts for the second lantern body, then work out the design for the top and the wall bracket.  I have enough Mahogany for the wall bracket, but I don’t think I have a wide enough piece for the top.  I’ll have to dig though my stock and see what I can do — I’d really like to see these finished so I can move on to other projects.

Front and Back Glue Up

Front and Back Glue Up

Glue Up Phase Two

Glue Up Phase Two

Lantern Body Complete

Lantern Body Complete

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One thought on “Anticlimactic Glue-Up

  1. Nice! I personally .. LOVE anti-climactic glue ups. 😀

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