Second Sconce Glued Up

Things continue to move at a snail’s pace here.

I squared the mortises, beveled the ends of the tenons, test fit and sanded the parts for the second sconce body.  And glued it up.  And didn’t stress out or ruin it. All in all, a success.

I’ve been thinking through the details on the other parts.  The big design questions I have are:

  1. How to attach the “lid” to the body and the support arm from the wall bracket?  My thinking is a sheet metal bracket the attaches to the top rails and has screws through the lid into the support arm.
  2. What kind of joint between the wall bracket and the support arm?  Mortise and tenon almost certainly, but I need to allow for wiring to run through the arm.
  3. How will the wall bracket attach to the wall?  I could hide screws under the ebony pegs and screw it directly to the wall.  Or I could use some sort of clips that slide over protruding screws in the wall.
Paring Tenon Ends

Paring Tenon Ends

Second Body Clamped

Second Body Clamped

Two Bodies Glued Up

Two Bodies Glued Up

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