Getting Ready to Install the Crisscross Glide

Yesterday I glued up the three layers for my leg vise chop.  You can read about the saga in my previous blog posts, but long story short – I want to leave the lamination in clamps as long as possible.  I’m using the glue drips I scraped off as a gauge, the thick ones are still slightly rubbery.  I’m going to wait until they are completely hard, or until tomorrow at noon when I’ll probably run out of patience.

The next steps on my bench are to:

  1. Make the grooves for the Crisscross and instal it
  2. Drill the holes for the vise screw and mount the nut block
  3. Drill holes for drawboring the stretchers to the legs
  4. Make up the drawbore pegs (and a tool to make the pegs)
  5. Assemble the bench

I can do the first two steps on the bench leg, but I need to wait another day for the chop lamination to dry before I can really finish that.  But I was thinking about how I was going to make the slot and decided to use a router to hog out the material.  Rather than try to freehand this, or use some sort of fiddly fence setup I decided to try pattern routing it.  So, of course my day started with making a template.  Which now has to dry for at least a half dozen hours.

I did a quick sketch, I’m going to use a 3/4″ guide bush with a 1/2″ bit, so the math is pretty easy – the template opening needs to be 1/4″ larger (1/8″ all around).

Quick Sketch for the Template

Quick Sketch for the Template

The simplest way I could see to make this was to edge join some sheet goods.  MDF I could have just edge glued, but all I had on hand was the leftover cheesy Home Despot plywood.  I cut out the four pieces, and cut a notch in the end.

Parts Cut

Parts Cut

I decided to use some biscuits to assemble this.  I’ll use plenty of glue on the joints, but the biscuits should provide enough strength for this to hold together to route two parts.

Biscuits Cut

Biscuits Cut

I slathered everything with plenty of glue and clamped it up.  Now I need to leave it alone until I’m ready to cut the mortises for the Crisscross glide.  This should make the process dead simple.

Template Glued Up

Template Glued Up

While I wait for the template and leg chop to dry I can start on the draw bore setup.

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