A Roof for the Inglenook Sconce

I made the top for the new sconce this morning.  It was a piece of cake.

I made a template for the shape, traced it onto the edge of the Mahogany blank and band sawed it as close as I could.  Then I did some shaping with rasps, 80 and 100 grit sandpaper, then smoothed it with 220.  There is a slight cup in the top, but it will pull flat when the top is screwed in place I think.  It should work out nicely.

I also made the four Ebony bars the go on the top and bottom of the ends of the roof, and I prepared a strip of oak to inlay into the front and back rails.

I think the next thing to do is figure out how to mount the light socket and attach the roof, and to install the brackets that hold the leather straps.  I should be able to start applying finish on this tomorrow, and start making the patterns for the stained glass.

Top Shaped - Brackets Still Need to be Shaped and Sanded

Top Shaped – Brackets Still Need to be Shaped and Sanded

Another View

Another View

Ebony Bars Ready to Install

Ebony Bars Ready to Install



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5 thoughts on “A Roof for the Inglenook Sconce

  1. I really like the details…

  2. That is some nice work!

  3. Awesome!!! I love it when things work out! So .. how did you make the ebony bars. They look small and hard.

    • Hi Marilyn,

      I planed some ebony to thickness, sawed out strips, and worked them on a block plane clamped upside down in a vise to shape them. A little sanding to take out the facets and I polished it with some 3,000 grit cloth. The ebony really polishes up nicely.

      There is a bar on top and bottom, lined up with brass pins. I’ll probably glue them in place and then peen the brass pins to “rivet” them in place.

      This has been a fun project, I wish I could just work on it start-to-finish instead of a few hours every weekend. I’d really like to get the finish on tomorrow and start making the stained glass.

  4. Bob Demers

    Wow, very very nice, I think you captured the style just right. Well done


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